Hi, I’m Robyn Lesicnik.

I am actually a qualified architect but after my first daughter was born, I soon realised that returning to work was not something I wanted for me or for her. And then my second daughter came along and I knew I was definitely not going back! But I needed a way to satisfy my creative energy at home, and still be available to my girls. I had always liked to bake as a hobby, but I started doing it more and more for family and friends’ special occasions, and really enjoyed it. The best was making my daughters’ birthday cakes and cupcakes for their parties and for school birthday rings. Some of my favourite memories from when I was a kid were my birthday parties. My mom always went out of her way to create fancy themed cakes for my sister and I. I always knew I wanted to create the same fond memories for my kids of their childhood.

My email signature describes me as “architect, mom, home baker and self-confessed chocoholic”. I love food and have a crazy sweet tooth! So rest assured I have tried and tasted all my recipes to perfect them. I usually make extra tasters for my girls and I with each order, so that I know every order is delicious and kid-approved!

I use quality ingredients: real butter (NEVER margarine!), free-range eggs, fresh cream, etc. I only use ingredients that I would be happy to eat, not the cheapest, nastiest versions. Quality is important to me.

I look forward to creating something special for you!